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Your Camp can have a website like this - $50.00 per year

Signup for SCV-CampSiteBuilder

Signup for SCV-CampSiteBuilder

There are two methods of using SCV-CampSiteBuilder for your Camp, Brigade or other Sons of Confederate Veterans function. The difference depends on whether you want to access your website as a "subdomain" of OR whether you want to use a full domain name.

1) Subdomain

Using a subdomain means that you add your Camp number, for example, to the domain for this website. For Camp #584 (Headquarters Camp) the address for its website would be:

Note the "www" found in many website addresses is replaced by the Camp number as a "subdomain." The only advantage for using a subdomain is eliminating the requirement to register a domain address, saving roughly $10.00 per year.

You can use your Camp, Brigade or other name, but you can only use letters and numbers - no spaces or special characters. To use a Camp name, using Camp 584 (Headquarters Camp) as an example again, the address would be:

2) Domain name

Most websites have a unique "domain name" as their website address. This requires that the desired name be registered on an annual basis. Using Camp #584 again, an example would be:

You can register your own domain, or we will register your desired domain name for $10.00 per year which is an additional charge. We recommend that you register your domain so that you have clear ownership of the website name, but it is your choice as to whether you register the name or have us do it for you.

The SCV-CampSiteBuilder cost is the same whether you use subdomain, register your own domain or have us register a domain for you - $50.00 per year. This is a very competitiive price for a website.

To signup, just click the appropriate link:

Signup for SCV-CampSiteBuilder using a subdomain

Signup for SCV-CampSiteBuilder using a domain name

If you are interested but undecided, consider trying one of the free demos. The free demos allow you to try the CampSiteBuilder for a week. Just click on the "Free Demo" entry in the menu and check the bottom of the page for current demo availability. If all demos are being used, check back in a couple days, they are allocated on a first come - first served basis.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Mike Crane at

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