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Version 3.14.5 Update Summary

This upgrade was installed and made available in late August 2008. With the SCV-CampSiteBuilder new versions are automatically in effect and you do not have to install upgrades.

1. Optional Search Engine feed

Pricing Disclosure. This is an optional feature and does have an additional cost of $10.00 per year.

Most are aware of the major search engines; Google, Yahoo and MSN. Few make an effort or have the understanding of what is needed to get your best possible search engine placement. The better placement of course means more traffic to your website.

The Edit Page forms already provide the capability to set your page titles, description and keywords that are used by search engines. That is one part of getting your best possible search engine placement.

Another part just as important is letting these search engines know that your website is online and when it is updated. The Optional Search Engine feature provides an automatic feed to Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines. MSN and Yahoo are "pinged" immediately after you edit or create a new page. Google is periodically notified.

Setup using Google, MSN and Yahoo webmaster tools is required. This takes about an hour if you are familar with such interfaces. If not we can do the setup for you. Once the setup is done it then becomes an automatic feature.

2. Optional On Site Search (included with Search Engine feed)

As second feature in the optional Search function is the capability to add an on site search box on any page of your website. It only includes material on your web site.

If you are interested in this optional feature just give us a yell and we will give you a free 30 trial.

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