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Version 3.14.4 Update Summary

This upgrade was installed and made available in late August 2008. With the SCV-CampSiteBuilder new versions are automatically in effect and you do not have to install or purchase upgrades.

1. eMail Upgrades.

While this is not a major issue with most SCV-CampSiteBuilder websites, the federal governement placed new regulations in effect for eMail on July 1, 2008. v3.14.4 brought the SCV-CampSiteBuilder into compliance with these requirements.

  • Editable Remove Instructions on each message distributed, via the Set Defaults menu option using eMail Manager from Administration menu. A physical address is now required. You can use your own address or as follows:

725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton, Georgia 30560
phone: 706-374-2640

  • Editable Invitation and Confirmation messages. Also editable by same process as above and also requires the physical address.
  • Automatic Bounce processing. Should any eMail address on your distribution list become invalid, it will be automatically detected and removed. Basically after three consectutive bounces the eMail address goes inactive and then a Reconfirmation message is sent. If the message is responded to the eMail address is placed back in active status, if not - it is removed after 10 days.

If your Camp is not utilizing your eMail features to distribute period messages to both members and the public we strongly recommend using this feature. Just let us know at and we will help you get started or give us a call.

2. Spambot Protection on eMail addresses.

As we all know Spam email is much too frequent. One gimick spammers use is to scan websites and pick up eMail addresses and then add them to their list.

Version 3.14.4 added automatic encoding of any and all eMail addresses that you include on your website. The encoding is not noticable to you or the users of your website and eMail links still work the same way. But the "spambots" (automated search gines used by spammers to pick up eMail addresses) do not recognize the eMail address.

As this is an ongoing battle to try and stay one step ahead of the spammers - we have have places several trap emails on this and other websites. This way we quickly detect if the encoding methods no longer prevent detection of eMail addresses. When that happens we will change the encoding to continue your protection.

This is an automatic feature and you do not have to do anything.

  • Problem Report. When adding eMail addresses to your website do not insert a "target." Targets are not properly handled by the encoding method. Expected to be corrected in v3.14.6 or v3.14.7

As always if you have any question do not hestitate to contact us at: or by phone: 706-374-2640

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