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The events in Concord at the Wingate hotel is of high interest to many Compatriots, therefore here is an interim report on the above subject.

We believe some positive developments have occurred which indicate the direction we are taking has been effective thus far. 

This report concerns the latest developments relative to the blatant actions by the owner-franchisee of the Concord, NC, Wyndham-Wingate Hotel during the recent SCV reunion there.
A short summary of the incident is hotel management objected to Bazz Childress, Lt. Commander of the Kentucky Division, for displaying a Confederate battle flag in the window of his hotel room.
Hotel management ordered Compatriot Childress to remove the flag.  When he courteously refused,  the hotel owner called the police, made charges against Compatriot Childress, and evicted him.
We immediately complained by certified letter to the CEO of Wyndham-Wingate parent corporation. After some delay we received a response from their legal department which apologized for the incident and informed us the parent franchisor has notified the owner-franchisee that he is on his own, in effect, to expect no help or support from the parent organization. They also informed us that they had forwarded the complaint to the local franchisee and "expressed their concern" over the situation.
Commander Childress has counsel that is pursuing the complaint in Concord. It would appear likely that the original court date will be postponed. We also have legal guidance that has developed our strategy which we intend to pursue until this matter comes to a final conclusion.
We will keep you informed as the case progresses.
Chuck McMichael

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