The Fighting 12th Brigade

Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans


The Official Publication of the Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans

Georgia Confederate

The Georgia Confederate is the official Publication of the Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans

The Editor of the Georgia Confedrate is Tim Pilgrim, 12th Brigade Commander

If you have any photos and/or articles you would like to submit to the Georgia Confederate, please e-mail them to .

Georgia Confederate Deadine Schedule:

  • Janurary - February 2010 Issue, Deadline date February 20th
  • March -April 2010 Issue, Deadline date April 20th
  • May - June 2010 Issue, Deadline date June 20th
  • July - August 2010 Issue, Deadline date August 20th
  • September - October Issue, Deadline date October 20th

Click on Below Issue for PDF file of The Georgia Confederate:

November 2009 Issue

December 2009 Issue

January / February 2010 Issue



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