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Confederate Memorial Day 2009

Confederate Memorial Day and Website

SCV Camp #2137 The Barnesville Blues did Honor our fallen comrades in arms on April 25th., 2009 at 2:00 PM at The Old Soldiers Cemetary on Liberty Hill Road in Milner, Georgia with a special guest speaker and a bagpipper with the first appearance of the Lindsey' Artillary Color/Honor Gaurd. Let us congradulate and support these memebers for their service and dedication and with our support they will make us proud.

The history of Confederate Memorial Day lays its roots back to 1862 when a grieved widow of a Confederate soldier started a pilgrimage to his graveside. The inspiration came from her small child who would pick the weeds and place flowers on the unmarked Confederate soldiers graves commonly referring to them as her soldier's graves. The Georgia General Assembly in 1874 provided legislation for a new public holiday that April 26th of each year would be known as Memorial Day. Georgia Governor James Smith signed the legislation into law.  It appears that the reason for the 26th of April date was that was the date that General Joseph E. Johnston surrendered in North Carolina thus bringing the end of the War between the States for Georgia. In the language of this legislation it is clear that April 26th was already being celebrated as Confederate Memorial Day in the state unofficially. Below is an excerpt from the Confederate Veteran magazine (1893) which may shed some light on the holidays beginning. On April 12th 1866, a woman's memorial association in Columbus, GA called for a special day of memorial. On April 26th, 1866 an Atlanta Ladies Memorial Association held a Confederate Memorial observance at Oakland Cemetery. Many Southern States observed Confederate Memorial Day on different dates. Florida joined Georgia celebrating it on April 26th. Mississippi celebrates Confederate Memorial day on the last Monday of April. Alabama celebrates it on the forth Monday of April. North and South Carolina celebrate it on May the 10th which is the anniversary of Jefferson Davis's capture. Louisiana and Tennessee celebrate on June 3rd, where Tennessee calls the observance Confederate Decoration Day. The reason for June 3rd is that it is Jefferson Davis's birthday. Texas celebrates Confederate Heroes Day on January 19th (Gen. Robert E. Lee's birthday) and Virginia calls its Confederate Memorial Day the last Monday in May. The reason that we celebrate is to remember the lives of these veterans and the sacrifices they made. To pay honor and respect to the heroes of the Southland...the Southland that they shed their blood for...for the very blood that courses through our own veins...for the pride they left for us and the pride we have for them. We should all celebrate Confederate Memorial Day and its observance within our local communities. Sons of Confederate Veterans Camps all over the United States do observances for the Confederate Veterans on these Memorial dates and I challenge anyone reading this to get involved with these observances and be a part.           

Lest They Be Forgotten ...


From the May, 1893 issue of "Confederate Veteran," the Origin of Memorial Day

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