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How to Edit an existing page

Editing an existing page on your website is very easy. You of course have to be in your Administration section, then follow these easy steps:

Step 1 - Select SCV-CampSiteBuilder from Main Administration Menu

After you have logged in to your Administration section. You will be at the Main Administration Menu with several options. To add, edit and existing page or delete an existing page you need to click the Process button for the SCV-CampSiteBuilder:

Step 2 - Select Add/Edit pages from Main Menu

The SCV-CampSiteBuilder Main Menu provides options for"Set Defaults", Process Updates" and Create/Edit Page"  To Add a new page click the Process button for the Create/Edit Page option:

Step 3 - Select the page you want to edit from drop down menu

The Add, Edit or Delete a Page menu provides three drop down menus. The first drop down menu is the one that that you want to use. The second one is an advanced option that allows direct adding of HTML. The third is used to delete an exist page.

On the first drop down menu each existing page will be listed. Select the page you want to edit and then click the Edit button.

The page you have selected will be displayed on the Page Edit form. The same form is used to add (create) a new page or to change an existing page. For help on the Edit Page form select the Edit Page form help file..

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